Carlow Estate Gates


    • 780 £

    We custom make all of our gates to your specifications. Simply enter the exact width of your gap and we will calculate the exact size of your gate for you! -

    If you require matching posts, please select the correct size below depending on the height go the gates you have selected. Example: If your gates are 4.5ft high then select the (up to 5ft) option.

    • £

    All gates come Galvanised and Powder coated as standard - Black gloss RAL 9005

    Key Lock

    Supplied with standard key lock



Sizes available
Width 96” (8Ft) 108”(9Ft) 120”(10Ft) 132”(11Ft) 144”(12Ft) 152”(13Ft) 168”(14Ft)

Height 36” 42” 48” 54” 60” 66” 72”


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